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9 big credit card myths - MSN Money
Most credit cards come with credit limits, but some cards advertise having "no preset spending limits." With high-end Visa cards, for example, customers are .

Be Wary of Credit Cards With No Spending Limits -
Dec 1, 2010 . If you needed a reason to keep balances low on credit cards without set spending limits, here's one. The way certain issuers report the cards .

No Pre-Set Spending Limit Credit Card Study 2010 has recently received many consumer questions regarding No Pre -Set Spending Limit (NPSL) credit cards and charge cards and how they affect .

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Sep 16, 2011 . My Chase Freedom credit card was changed from a $5000 limit to no spending limit. I'm ticked that this is hurting my credit rating.

Beware Credit Cards With No Preset Spending Limits, Study Says ...
Dec 3, 2010 . Most of us know it's important to be aware of our credit limit on each card we have , but a growing class of cards are now being marketed to .

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Dec 29, 2010 . Imagine this: You have always been an exemplary credit user, you pay your bill on time and in full each month and you never max out your .